Blue skies and blisters

Summer is coming #bluesky

It’s been a lovely but crazy day. With my run planned for after work I treated myself to a lie in and set my alarm for 6am (that’s a weekday lie in!) and headed for my pre-work coffee at 7am. Blue skies and a nice temperature, it seems Spring has sprung in Basel! I am exceptionally pleased I fly home tomorrow as it is expected to hit 32 degrees centigrade on Friday and my office doesn’t have air conditioning.

A hectic day in the office, the usual frustrations of being given “standard methodology” used on all our projects when you know they have been frantically writing this because you haven’t stopped banging on about needed it for the last 8+ weeks! If it is standard why have I been using this as justification for not having done stuff for the last 8 weeks? Why didn’t you let me pick holes in it the first time I said it was holding me up? Anyway……

#juneathon step target achieved

Juneathon day 3 is complete, a short and sweet taper run with a work colleague where we dodged people enjoying the sunshine and having BBQs along the Rhein and bitched about work. An easy pace and just over 4km run. I’ll take that! What I did notice is that the nice strip of red on my wrist that looks like sunburn but is more likely to be chafing or contact dermatitis from my Mio Fuse has actually blistered in the heat as I ran today…..nice! I’ll need to keep an eye on it and make sure it is covered for the weekend otherwise it could get a bit nasty.

2 rest days now (I’ll do some squats or something ensure my Juneathon obligations are met) then it’s Fell Foot parkrun (tail-running) and the Lakeland Trails marathon. It looks like the Lake District is going to be a pleasant temperature for me, 14 degrees and cloudy on Sunday, so I am hoping to have a comfortable run and maybe get round a bit quicker than last year.

Have you Juneathoned today?

#juneathon Day 3

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