Review: OOFOS, magic flip-flops of squishiness

Image - OOFOS flip-flops in MelonI was recently lucky enough to be given the opportunity to choose some OOFOS so that I could test and review them.  The fact I was about to run 100 miles was a big factor in this as OOFOS are billed as the perfect shoes for recovery.  Of course I said yes and scurried off to their website to choose a pair. 

I went for the OOriginal style in Melon as I like traditional flip-flops rather than the slide style and LOVE bright colours! 

When they arrived I knew immediately that they were very definitely “me”.  I also realised the moment I tried them on where the “OO” comes from….they really do give a nice, squishy oooo moment when you put them on and stand-up for the first time.

Not only does the squish mean you can stand in them for hours without the soles of your feet aching (I wear them standing at my desk for 8 hours a day), but they give a lot of support as well. The OOFOS aren’t your traditional, thin, flat based flip-flop.  They have contoured arch supports and the soft nature of the foam means your foot constantly adjusts as you stand so it doesn’t get pain from being static too long.

So day to day they are brilliant!  What about after a long run you ask? Well I “only” made it to 74.2 miles in my race but my OOFOS went straight on at the finish and they were an absolute pleasure to wear.  My feet were actually in pretty good shape at the end but I could still really feel the comfort when I finally ditched my trainers and socks and slipped them on.  

Image - My OOFOS and 75 mile feet
Another bonus point is they are machine washable! Given the Boyf is a total neat freak I would never be able to wear outdoor flip-flops indoors at my desk.  So it was great to be able to pop them in the wash to irradiate the Samphire Hoe dust and return them to “as new” condition.

If you are looking for some really comfy summer shoes then I would say OOFOS should be high on your list, they are comfy, come in a wide range of colours, a couple of styles and will make you regret having stuck with normal flip-flops for so long.

If you need further convincing then take a look at the video they have on their website.

Me, I’m off to put my feet up after a long day at work and plot my next 100 mile attempt.

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