Training Log: 23-8-16

Threshold @trainasone run done! Glad the magic plan allowed me to adjust my pace for the temperature as otherwise I’d have really struggled to get anywhere near my plan. from Instagram:
One of the best things about my TrainAsONE running plan is that it is flexible.  If I skip a session it adjusts automatically, identifying the best run for me to do next and now, I can adjust my next run for the temperature on the day.  This was really helpful today as it was about 28 degrees centigrade outside and I was due to do a threshold session.  By adjusting for the temperature my planned pace was reduced from 5:51min/km to 6:06min/km.  I still struggled a bit to hit it but at least it was vaguely achievable!  It also meant that I wasn’t pushing too hard in the heat and causing unnecessary damage to my body by over training.
I also topped up my yoga practice for the day.  Having done the Yogaia Yoga for Hamstrings earlier in the day I finished off with 20 minutes Hatha and then 30 minutes of Goodnight yoga.  Gentle, longer stretches designed to calm the body and mind ready for sleep.  I can already feel myself unknotting after 2 weeks without doing any yoga.

TrainAsONE #threshold summary

Tuesday's evening yoga sessions #yogaia

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