Training Log: 29-9-16 (& why I aim for 8 hours sleep a night)

image - training statsAnother 6 minutes of @trainasone assessment hell done & dusted! Really pleased with 1.2km in 6 mins 😄 
 from Instagram:
That summarises today’s TrainAsONE run, what it doesn’t mention is the fact I was having to sprint into a head wind, so there’s a possibility I could go even faster.
I’ve also done 2 yoga sessions in the last 2 days, 30 minutes of hip opening, and a stretchtastic Yin class with lots of long held stretches.  It all seems to be working well with me feeling less tense, both muscularly and from a daily stress perspective.  That’s yoga every day this week and I have a pre-work session planned for tomorrow morning too.
One thing I have been a bit slack on this week is lunchtime naps.  I was getting quite good at them but work’s been I bit busy and so I haven’t managed to take 30 minutes away from my laptop to snooze in.
Sleep is an important part of training and recovery.  If you aren’t getting enough rest, you won’t reach your full potential in training.  It doesn’t matter if you’re just a lazy jogger, or an elite athlete, you need sleep.  I am a big fan of it and make sure I have a comfy nest with a squishy duvet, soft mattress topper and a nice cool breeze ready to send me off to the land of nod at any available opportunity.
Take a look at this “Sleep like an athlete” infographic from the team at Casper, it gives some good tips to help you reap the benefits that sleep sows.  You can check out more information on their mattresses designed to let you sleep cooler here.  I’ll certainly be making sure I get my 8 hours tonight!

Sleep like a champion with

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