Sunday Summary: Overcoming Grump

What a week!  I will admit that getting my runs done has been a struggle.  You know how it is, little things from your day irritate you, make you grumpy and general drag your mood down.  It leaves you feeling like you can’t be bothered, that you just want to slump in front of the TV, or crash out and have a nap.  It’s not a nice feeling and it can be tough to overcome, but overcome it I did.

I went running, I put the effort into my threshold sessions and I boosted my mood!  I admit I felt a lot better as I hit the trails, got some fresh air and ticked off a few kilometres.  This of course means I am more likely to head out the next time I feel like I don’t want to, as ultimately I feel better for it.

Graphic shows summary of all workouts for the week

It’s one thing running when you’re a bit grumpy, but quite another if you’re not feeling well or are over tired.  Rest is equally as important as the workouts, so I try and make sure I balance the two out as much as possible.

In addition to my runs I have continued to work on my strength with the FASTer Way To Fat Loss*, the mix of high intensity cardio and the strength sessions are definitely improving my strength and toning me up.  I am feeling a lot better for this improved tone, there’s a lot less jiggle when I run!  This isn’t just a cosmetic issue either, the more there is to jiggle the more there is to chafe…..and believe me, over 50 miles a small bit of jiggle can mean a lot of chafing, in places you have never had it before.  At Race to the King I ended up with killer patches of soreness on the outside of my thighs.  Not somewhere you would traditionally expect to have issues, but the movement on my phone and shit kit in the outer pockets of my shorts meant I needed to add emergency bandages in the latter part of the race.  Hurrah for having sticky bandage in the crew bag that the Boyf was driving from point to point!

I also managed to fit some yoga in too.  Not as much as I had intended but it’s a start, and I plan to continue building it in over the coming weeks.

Image shows condensed summary of weekly workouts

I also continued with the Tailfish 30 Day Challenge for February Fitness, daily squats, tricep dips and ab exercises are all helping build my strength and get me ready for race day.

What does the coming week have in store?  Well my TrainAsONE plan is increasing my run-time & distance, I have my standard FASTer Way cycle, 3 days strength, 2 days cardio/HIIT and I hope at least two yoga sessions.  I am looking forward to another strong week filled with good exercise and a solid eating structure.  I am loving the carb cycling and intermittent fasting and it is definitely working for me.  Hopefully I can have another week of progress without too many blips in the road.

image shows a digital journal image with my upcoming training plan on it

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