Sunday Summary: #snowday

I love snow! I miss snow and I miss snowboarding, but right now life doesn’t allow for much snow.  So I have embraced the UK snow this week, trying to make the most of it.  I haven’t skipped runs or stayed at home moaning about the cold, instead I headed to the woods to do my sprintervals (and nearly hit pace despite the undulations and underfoot conditions), I got up at 4am to get running fresh-tracks and I went out for my threshold session in the icy slush.

It’s important to focus on why you want to do things, and then use those reasons to make sure you go out in what others see as crappy conditions, or that you think may make it a bit hard.  I want to be successful in my races this year, I want to do my best, be my fastest (this is a relative speed thing not a really speedy speed thing) and I want to enjoy myself whilst I do it.

Yesterday’s snow run was so much fun!  We went out in the dark with our head torches, enjoying the crunch of fresh snow, the hoot of owls and the frantic cackle of pheasants and other crazy sounding birds.  We ran over the hills until dawn broke and we headed home for a nap and then the most amazing egg, bacon, sausage & cheese rolls!  Total win and all the double-yolkers in sight!!

Today was a bit less fun, but necessary all the same.  6:00am leg session courtesy of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss*, then it was out into the icy slush for my TrainAsONE threshold session (4 x 10 minute reps).  The run was a struggle, I wasn’t quite on pace, and had over layered completely….I must have looked a real sight running through the ice stripped down to my vest whilst the Boyf was still nicely layered up.  It just goes to show that upping the effort can massively increase the heat generated by your body.  Whilst I was pushing hard, he was struggling to run slowly enough to match my pace.

This week can be viewed as a definite success, plenty of runs and cross-training, but a good balance of downtime too.

It’s been a great month too! February was a definite step in the right direction.

So what has next week got on the plan?  More of the same, although I have shuffled legs to Friday (traditionally a FASTerWay rest day), and the weekend will see me trying to balance my runs alongside supporting the Boyf and other friends at the SVN Viking 100 miler!  Hopefully the weather will be reasonable I can can squeeze it all in!

What have you got planned this week?

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