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Mio Fuse & Garmin 620Last year I was lucky enough to get my hands on a TomTom Runner Cardio watch to play with and whilst it didn’t quite measure up to the functionality of my Garmin 620 it was pretty impressive (especially when you compare the two on cost). What I did like about it was the wrist-based heart rate monitor. I have suffered with under-boob & back chafage a couple of times with my heart rate monitor chest strap and so really liked the fact I could get my heart rate from my wrist, especially when it matched the chest measurement closely.

Fast-foward to Janaury and I saw an advert for the Mio Fuse on the back of Women’s Running and I swiftly made a post-Christmas purchase (treat to self). The Mio Fuse uses the same technology as the TomTom Runner Cardio (they are the company that developed it), and it pairs with my Garmin 620 using the same ANT+ technology as the normal HR monitor does. It does mean that I have to wear two bands on my wrist (the Garmin and the Mio Fuse) but when you like technology as much as I do that really doesn’t matter, and when compared against chafing and scarring then it is definitely preferable.

The Mio Fuse connects to other tech via both Ant+ and Bluetooth, so not only does it link to my Garmin but my iPhone as well so when I use apps like RunKeeper to track my runs it also feeds my heart rate to them.  You can use it standalone as well, just tracking steps, HR, mileage and calories so if you just want a daily activity style tracker then it’s perfectly functional.

I am not a fan of the Mio iPhone app at the moment as it doesn’t sync with other sites or the cloud but the fact that I can connect the hardware with other apps more than makes up for it.  If you are interested in wrist based heart rate monitoring then the Mio Fuse is well worth a look.  Just be careful with the charger, I managed to knock off on of the tiny charging spikes whilst travelling back & forth to Basel but the Mio team were brilliant and quickly sorted me out a replacement (I now pack it much more carefully so it doesn’t get bashed about).

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  2. Thanks Shellie, I had a FitBit in the past and it was great until I tumble dried it! I think it is great that there are more activity trackers now being developed that also incorporate HR monitors as well, so keep your eyes peeled for all the options

  3. I currently have a vívosmart which I love. But I love looking at similar products out there to see if I need an upgrade. Thanks the review def something to look into.
    Thanks for co-hosting WW.
    Sarah-Ann @ Living Intentionally Simple

  4. Thank you for the review! I’ve been wanting to start back running, and have been looking at FitBit, but needing a review on other options, to get a better up to date one! and Thank you for co-hosting WW!

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  7. I am not sure if it does step counting but take a look and see if the Garmin Forerunner 225 does what you need. It uses the same Mio technology but might be more useful if you want to track run stats as well.

  8. Thank you for reviewing this.. I was thinking of getting Polar watch but this is great review and may rethink that before purchasing anything. Welcome to the group,my pleasure co-hosting with you this week!! Have a great day, Evija xx

  9. Thank you! It’s lovely to be part of it. If you are after a watch then definitely look at the Garmin Forerunner 225 as it uses the same wrist HR tech as the Fuse but will have all the Garmin customisation for runs as well.

  10. Thanks for the review. I’ve been looking at different ones and it’s nice to be able to read a review from someone who actually uses it. It’s a pleasure to co-host with you this week.

  11. Sorry to hear about your husband, I imagine that must have been pretty scary! It’s great that things like the Mio are giving access to people who need to monitor health, heart & fitness without being excessively bulky or costing huge amounts of money.
    Thanks for having me on board!
    Enjoy your week too,

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