Conference Calls & Snacks

image - 1MB15-Snacks-to-Boost-Energy-and-Productivity4It’s been one of those days, my first conference call was at 8am and I had already been working for an hour, by which I mean I’d spent an hour finding issues related to my latest project go live…..ah the joys of people and technology!

One of the things I find when I am on conference calls all day is that I get a bit peckish. So, in collaboration with Citrix GoToMeeting I thought I’d share one of their posts with you…..15 snacks to help boost your energy and productivity.

I try and eat quite well as you may have noticed from my #instasalad #saladoftheday photos on Instagram. Luckily the Boyf brings me lunch when we are both working from home, as there is no way I would eat complicated salads everyday if I had to make them myself (or if I did they wouldn’t look as good as I would just end up dumping everything on the plate in a pile.  Thank goodness for the mute button and the fact we don’t do video calls though, otherwise I would never manage to fit eating in between a day’s worth of back-to-back calls.

We actually have a lot of the foods on their infographic in the house already. We’re big dark/raw chocolate fans and normally have a couple of buckets of nut butter lurking in the cupboard too. I’m not sure if I will be able to convince the Boyf to make me avocado stuffed eggs for lunch but perhaps he’ll stretch to boiled eggs with guacamole on the side. Just as tasty but less of a faff to make.

What do you snack on during the day? I’m a big fan of having nuts or dark chocolate to fill the gap between meals but I am lucky enough that I can just have a couple of squares and not get too carried away. Alternatively I’ll blend some Chia seeds in with a protein shake, throwing an avocado in too can make the shake really creamy and surprisingly you can’t taste the avocado!  It can certainly be tough balancing the peckishness but not over-eating to the extent I feel like I can’t run or hit the gym after work.

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