Janathon Day 9: Made Better by Grasp Fit Liquid Chalk

Gave my @graspfit liquid chalk a try this morning! No more hand slippage in downward facing dog 😄More testing to follow tonight at my yoga class #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaforrunningWe are 9 days into Janathon and I am still going strong! In this time I have spent 5 hours 40 minutes doing yoga and this has been made much more pleasant thanks to the team at Grasp Fit and their Liquid Chalk.  One of the things that was annoying me as I increased the frequency of my yoga practice towards the end of last year was my hands slipping on my mat in poses like downward facing dog.  Now I realise this is probably because I am in the wrong position, but I am happy to worry about that later!  In the meantime I was glad to take Grasp Fit up on their offer to try some of their liquid chalk!  Not one to pass up the chance to try new things I jumped at the opportunity.

They have a range of liquid chalk for weight lifting and yoga, and I plumped for the apple green liquid chalk (as I felt it went nicely with my orange yoga mat!) The first thing the Boyf said when it arrived was “you realise how messy that stuff is right?”, but you will be pleased to know that after a week of use there is no chalky mess in our spare room where I do my yoga (plenty of other mess, but I am not a tidy person).

UntitledThe liquid chalk is easy to use, pour some on your hand, smash your hands together and waft them about a bit for the alcohol to evaporate and leave your hands nicely chalked (you could also use it on your feet).  No more slipping!  I have to say I really am impressed as I feel like I am able to get better purchase on my poses and push into them more.  It’s probably not a very “yogic” prop to use but as I am more using yoga for stretching than the spiritual aspect then this is staying in my yoga bag for on-going use!  It does wear of slightly over the course of the class, and you go get some chalk dust on your mat (or leggings if you wipe your hands on them), but I find a quick wipe over the mat and my hands with a face-wipe (I have a zillion packs of Boots cucumber wipes), cleans everything up really quickly.

So if you struggle with slippiness in yoga (or are a New Year’s resolution cross fitter) then why not buy some liquid chalk, maybe even the multi-pack to coordinate with your outfits!

UntitledToday’s Janathon activities have included 20km of walking (round London and to the supermarket), 45 minutes of slip-free yoga, and my strength work.  Our London wander was lovely, a walk over to Whole Foods Kensington for breakfast and then some shopping before killing time at Searcy’s Champagne Bar in St Pancras station before we headed home.  Lovely champagne and some amazing chips!

Tomorrow is long run day, I will probably run a similar route to last week, but hopefully be less hampered by stomach issues.  Either way, running, yoga and strength will take place….alongside some non-fitness action as I need to get started on my next batch of OU assignments!

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