Sweaty me beat lazy me

Janathon Day 7 is underway, @yoogaia Yang session done along with my strength work.....lunch run has been pushed to the end of the day though because someone forgot to invite me to a 90 minute meeting 😕 #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaforrunning #yoIt didn’t all go to plan today, it all started well, I was up before 6am ready for another live Yoogaia class, I managed to get 90 squats done whilst on a conference call and I was changed into my running clothes by 9:30am ready to head out at 11am for my lunch run (the bonus of working Swiss hours).  Then the meeting invite came, lunch run cancelled!  To make matters worse what was supposed to be a 90 minute minute was done in 45 and I didn’t speak once (or really hear much of relevance).  Typical!  There was no time to squeeze my planned run in the left over time before my next meeting so I postponed my run until the end of the day.

Deciding the weather was obnoxious and there was no way I would get up to speed given the wind I headed to the gym instead.  Hurrah, everyone loves a 53 minute treadmill run don’t they?  One with 3 10 minute threshold intervals in?

Well I admit it wasn’t the best run I have done.  The warm-up period was OK, the 2 minute recovery was lovely but then the first 10 minute interval lasted at least 15 minutes….I wanted to quit, I told myself that the cold I had earlier in the week meant I didn’t have to run, I could stop and go home…..then “other me” told me that I was breathing fine, I wasn’t phlegming and I really did need to get on with it.  Recovery walk arrived, I kept going, all be it at a slightly slower pace.  10 minutes lasts forever when you want to give up, I snuck in a quick breather, but I finished the interval.  More recovery walking and on to interval 3, again slower, 5 minutes, a quick breather, 5 minutes a bit slower….and then it was the final 6 minute cool down.  I’d made it, 53 minutes, threshold pace, maybe not quite as on plan as it could have been but certainly closer than if I had stopped 20 minutes in!

I had to remind myself that sometimes training won’t go well, that training isn’t always meant to be easy, but that if I want to succeed in the races I have planned this year that I need to suffer, I need to work hard and I need to do the best I can given the circumstances, on every day I train.  Today I beat lazy me, and determined, sweaty me came out on top!

Hideous @TrainAsONE #threshold session on the treadmill, really wanted to quit after first interval,but got it done #Janathon #runstrong #runlong #marathonmaniac #thisgirlcan #loverunning #dreadmillThat’s 7 days of Janathon so far, 1 run less than I had hoped but Tuesday’s run really was a deserved skip as I was properly snot filled and I at least snuck in core work instead.  It’s not just about the running this year, it’s about being strong enough to run!

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