Once again thanks to the Running Bug I have been lucky enough to nab myself a pair of bright new ASICS trainers to test out and review as part of their #PoundTheRoad campaign.  The Gel-Indicate is exclusive to InterSport and is available for male and female runners.

It's all about the brights for tonight's workout #intersportUK #PoundTheRoad HIIT class with @asicseuropeThe women’s version are pink, but it’s a hot pink and as I am fan of bright colours and not anti-pink then that’s fine with me.  The trainer is at the cheaper end of their price scale and is billed as one of their “structured cushioning” range.  These give you a bit more support and stability as you run.  You can view the full spec and images in their staff poster & flyer, so I won’t repeat it all here.

How did I find them?  They are definitely supportive!  I could feel the structure and stability in the sole from the first run.  I have used them on the treadmill at the gym, tarmac paths, grass and even for a HIIT class at the gym and they have felt very comfortable on my foot with no pressure points or hot spots.  I don’t love them though.  I think more than anything they don’t suit my running style and so I feel a bit “foot slappy” in them.  When you read the specs you get the impression that they would work well for forefoot runners and heel strikers, unfortunately I am more of a mid-foot striker and so the roll from end to end isn’t quite there.

Lullingstone parkrun this morning with @asicseurope #intersportUK #PoundTheRoad #loveparkrun @intersport_uk

I have found that the more I wear the the more I adjust and the more flexible and at one with my foot they feel but we just aren’t quite the perfect partners, we’re friends but not lovers!  One thing I have learned in snowboarding is that only you can choose your foot wear.  Everyone can rave about a boot or a show but if it doesn’t suit your foot shape or your running style then it’s pointless buying it.

The ASICS Gel-Indicate are a good quality shoe at a reasonable price and so  I would certainly recommend checking them out if you are looking for a supportive but cushioned trainer that handles a mix of terrains.

Whatever you are running in at the moment, just get out there and #PoundTheRoad

I was sent these ASICSeurope & Intersport_UK trainers for review and to be a part of the #PoundTheRoad campaign. I was not paid for this post and all views and comments are my own.

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  1. I’m a forefoot runner and so I think I might go and have a look at these, especially at such a decent price (and I’m definitely not anti-pink if they’re a good shoe at a good price!) I always neglect to look at Asics but I actually do have an outlet by me so maybe I’ll go and take a look and see if I can get an even bigger bargain!

    Sammy xo.


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