Training Update: 22-8-16

I was lazy last week, I ran for 25 minutes. I was tired after my 53 miles at Spitfire Scramble (I have also been too tired and lazy to blog about that yet)  and just couldn’t convince myself to do any more of my TrainAsONE runs or do any Yogaia classes.

Didn't run much last week
 That stops today, I have a 100 mile race in 26 days….this week I WILL train!

This week's plan

The plan may get tweaked a tiny bit given that I have East Farm Frolic on Sunday. I will probably push Saturday’s run to Sunday and complete that as best I can (hills allowing).  I’m tempted to do the same with Wednesday’s economy run as well.  That way I can focus on my speed during the week with my Threshold and Interval runs and then go for distance with a hint of speed at the Frolic.
I’m also going to get some more yoga into my week.  It is really helping my strength and flexibility and also helps reduce work stresses.  Sometimes I just get too caught up in life to do it though.  So this week I really do want to make sure I don’t neglect that side of my training.
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