Music Review: Mr B, The Gentleman Rhymer presents “There’s a Rumpus Going On”

Music - Stoked to have a copy of @gentlemanrhymer's latest album, There's a Rumpus Going On, to review! Managed to find my external drive and have synced to my phone to listen to on tomorrow's run 😄 #chaphopI have an eclectic taste in music. I think it stems from a childhood spent finding instrumental versions of songs so that I could use them for my gymnastic or figure skating routines. It means I have a tendency to focus on the tune not the words when I listen to songs. That said, as I have started listening to music whilst I run, I am listening to the words more. Perhaps it’s the need to have something to focus on, or perhaps it’s just because when you listen to the words, there are little snippets that make you chuckle, or frown, or just cheer you up a bit.

I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of Mr B, The Gentleman Rhymer‘s latest album. I am a big fan of chap-hop, the combination of the music and lyrics never fails to make me smile. There’s a Rumpus Going On is no different and it’s gone straight into my running playlist. 14 tracks, 42 minutes, just right for a 6km run!

The album is a mix of jovial and the downright crazy! We Need to Talk About Kanye couldn’t have been more perfect, the tune and wording came together brilliantly and really made me smile when I listened. Hitler Gifs certainly got a chuckle, and National Trust made me want to go to parkrun. Whilst the first track, There’s An Intro Going On, sets the mood nicely there’s no need to listen to the rest of the tracks in order. Just get shuffling and go with the flow.

Obviously music taste is a very personal thing, so what better way to have a chance of falling in love with Mr B’s latest offering than to give it a listen!

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There's A Rumpus Going On - Track List
Gin! Fortnum and Mason GinIf you like it, you can buy an electronic copy via Bandcamp, or purchase the CD from his shop.

I’m off to listen again, I feel Youth, Truth, Gin, Vermouth calling me alongside a post-work Fortnum’s Gin!

I hope you enjoy There’s a Rumpus Going On, and spread a bit of love by downloading the album. Don’t forget to check out Mr B’s back catalogue too!

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