Bunny Boiler in BB House?

OK, so I’ll admit that I’ve been watching Big Brother, I love the torture aspect of it, I adore the tears, the fights and the mental anguish they go through….and most of all it makes me feel superior because I’m out here and not trapped in a house with the viewers suddenly seeing me for what I really am. For anyone who thinks this is cruel of me then I’m sorry, but the winner gets £100,000 and I want them to EARN it!

Craig is most definitely turning into the biggest bunny boiler ever seen on the show, how Anthony has put up with behaviour for so long I just don’t know but at least now he’s finally realised (I think) that Craig fancies him and wants to shag him (despite all his denials to Anthony’s face). If this little incident yesterday doesn’t really set the alarm bells ringing then I don’t know what will because it’s obvious to me and everyone I’ve spoken to that Craig is not only a little bit infatuated by the 70’s dancer but that he’s about to turn full on stalker not only until the end of the show but very possibly until Anthony comes to his senses and takes out a restraining order!

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