Snow’s here!

After an excellent breakfast of pancakes cooked by “Chef Joe”, The Boyf and I headed up the hill, we weren’t expecting much after yesterday’s icy winds…especially with snow forecast this afternoon.

Having invested in a toasty warm face mask this morning after having a frozen nose yesterday and the day before I was all set for what was a very snowy day! It was snowing when we made it up to Main Lodge, and we were unsure how long we’d ride for……in the end we were up there for about 5 hours. It really is insane how different the snow is here in comparison to the UK…’s so much lighter, proper powder snow rather than soggy wet stuff. Luckily it wasn’t windy, so even though it was snowing pretty heavily you could still see where you were going.

It really has been the funnest day so far,  The Boyf and I were hitting up laps of Forest Trail again but with softer, powdery run-ins and outs we were feeling a bit braver on the kickers. The Boyf was getting some huge boned mutes off the big kickers, and then frontside 1s off the smaller big kickers, while I was messing around with some tail grabs of the big kicker. It has to be said though that the highlight of my session was hitting the three small roller kickers and doing a cab1 off each of them in turn…yay me! Of course The Boyf has to step up the anti and on his final run of the day very nearly nailed a frontside 360, considering he’s never really tried one at home I was pretty impressed that he gave it a go in the dodgy conditions. We also had loads of fun just bombing down the piste, riding switch at speed and just having a laugh in the powder…….here’s hoping tomorrow is another fairly wind-free snowy day…bring on the fun! Here are a few pictures from around where we’re staying so you can see the dumpage (8 inches so far on the hill):

Our house


Anyone fancy an ice cold beer?

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  1. Paul Cooke

    Hey you lot, looks like you’re having a great time, wish I was there!
    Have sent an e-mail to Stu, Lee, Kat, hope you get it.
    See you soon, I’ll keep watching!
    Paul. (Fletch)

  2. paul

    hola from stafford!!
    sounds like everyones havin a wicked time out there!
    hope your all lookin afta ya bodies, looks like i’m out of action untill my holiday afta a little heel edge catch comin down the quarter, bummer!
    big up every one!
    paul L

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