Best Bloody Day!!!!

Ben, Steve, Joe and myself woke up to blue bird skies so decided to leave pretty early. We were out the house by 9.30 so we were well up for a full day.
When we got up to the park (as we decided as the last good weather day predicted we would ride the park) we were pretty dissappointed because none of the rails were shaped and it looked like none of the jumps were either. After a couple of laps we thought we would hit the jumps anyway and see how they were – turned out they were great.
Joe had a great day – he managed to land Frontside 5’s and hit the big jump which he says was the biggest he’s ever hit – good work!!!
Steve had a good day on the boxes doing some 180 on 180 offs and generally being steezy but unfortunatley took a nasty slam to the chest/chin early on hitting one of the jumps so he didnt hit many jumps after that.
I had a good day which I was stoked on – I managed to get over my fear and spin on the jumps doing some Front 3’s and Back 1’s. I was pretty stoked on that and was even more stoked after getting 270 on, 270 along, 270 off on the box as well as some good hits on the big jump and the hips. Unfortunately my day got a bit worse late on as I managed to wind myself and later on I landed weirdly and we think I popped my little finger out of place. I was stoked on the day anyway.
As for Ben – he was on fire. He was hitting the boxes with so much steez also getting some sick frontside out fakies on the down rails which were sick! Best of all Ben got some sweet Backside 3’s on the jumps and on the big kicker got a few sick Backside 1’s. He had the sickest day and was totally stoked.
We’re all knackered now as we rode for 6 hours almost non stop but I’m glad (and I think everyone else is too) that we did it as it turned out to be the most fun and best bloody day!!!!

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  1. Anonymous

    Well done you guys, sounds like a great day……glad you’re over the fear Bezza, fingers crossed you’ll be spinning madly off the big kickers at the Brits! Bet you can’t wait to beat JJ and the rest of them….show ’em that ginger girls rule and won’t bottle anything eh

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