Bank Holiday Plans

Well, it’s comp time……tomorrow will see me heading up to Halifax for my first proper snowboarding comp since I was there for Cock of the North this time last year.

Work’s been so busy that I’ve pretty much missed the entire season of boardin, I didn’t do the AIM series or go to the Brits and haven’t ridden on a mountain since Brits ’06.

This weekend however sees me planning to ride in two comps, the newly expanded and rebranded series from Wayne Taylor, the Westbeach Snowflex Freestyle Series on Saturday and then on Sunday I’m heading to Swadlingcote for my mate Matt’s comp the Wham Bam Jam. I’m mostly looking forward to riding for the whole weekend and catching up with people I haven’t seen for a year.

No doubt I’ll post here on Sunday evening lamenting the fact that I got beaten by 2 under 12’s and an under 16 but hey at 32 I guess I’m lucky just to be able to do freestyle riding!

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  1. K-logik

    Just stopped by randomly. That’s great that you started riding at 27. I started at 26 and I’m 29 now. I’m not good, but I love it! In your pic, it looks like you’re riding inside??? and what’s plastic snow and dry slopes?

    Feel free to check my blog out. hope you enjoy.

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