Back on a health-kick

Working away plays havoc with your health, especially if you’re lazy like me! I’m currently working away 3 days a week which means 2 overnight hotel stays but I’m determined to start using both the hotel gym and the gym I’m paying for at home.  Why? Well I want to improve my snowboarding, and it’s my belief that as it’s a sport (not a hobby or something I just do on holiday) that I should train for it and ensure my body’s in a fit enough state to handle what I put it through.  

So on Sunday I started back at the gym, it was just a gentle ease back into things with a 30 minute session on the cross-trainer (this was made easier by watching Family Guy on my new iPod Classic) but I burnt around 400 calories!  Even better, I weighed myself while I was there and I’m currently 11 stone – this means that my diet and the snowboarding I’ve done since 13th January this year has enabled me to lose half a stone!  So who knows, maybe with exercise I’ll tone up and lose a bit more and be even fitter than I’m feeling now.

I continued the exercise theme on Monday and was at the gym for 6am and at 6:15 I was in a V-core class.  This involves all sorts of evil stomach and back focussed exercises, then you throw in a BOSU or a PowerPlate machine and it becomes doubly evil, so much so that yesterday it hurt to twist, sneeze and lug my suitcase across London on the tube as I made my way down to Southampton.  I have to admit that I wasn’t that keen on the PowerPlate part of the class, the vibrations made me feel a bit itchy, but I’m going to persevere and give a full class a try on Friday.  I think I may be OK doing exercises where I’m standing on it rather than leaning on the plate with my elbows….we shall see.

So Tuesday was exercise free, I decided that as I was up at 5:30am and had to drag myself, a suitcase and laptop bag down to Southampton (including the walk up the hill from the station with all my bags) that I’d done enough for one day.

Tonight though was yoga night, there’s currently a class that runs in our office after work on a Wednesday night, I’m not officially on this course as it started while I was away at the Brits but as my colleague’s on leave I’m taking her slot. It was quite a gentle class as it has to cater for all levels of experience but it was a nice way to ease myself back in to yoga and it’s left me feeling nicely relaxed, which is always good.

So that leaves me with a few ponderences, do I get up and go to the hotel gym tomorrow morning?  Theoretically I could get up and be in the gym for 6am, do 30 mins on the cross trainer, and head back to my room for breakfast and a shower before packing, checking out and going to the office…..or I could stay in bed!  Well we shall see how the mood takes me.

I’m also unsure of whether to give a V-Cycle class a go (the Virgin Active equivalent of spinning!), I have a feeling I may be too lazy for this kind of class, although it does say it’s for all levels of fitness.  So come on readers, feel free to bully me into it if you think spinning is the way forward!
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