Review: Flexitol Foot Cream

image - Pre-Flexitol FeetI was recently given the opportunity to choose an item of the Flexitol footcare range in exchange for testing it and blogging about it.  As a runner foot care is very important, and as I am lucky enough to have feet that are in quite good condition I would like to keep them that way.

As I don’t have feet that are in real dire straits I skipped over the Heel Balm which looks like it would be amazing if you suffer from cracked heels and went for the Callous Removal Cream.  I suffer from a couple of dry, callousy spots on my big toes and sometimes get them on the ball of my foot and base of my heels as well.

The cream is scent free and not too greasy, and once rubbed in is absorbed nice and quickly….although I did have one moment where I almost slipped over on my hotel room floor (a lovely laminate flooring that is slippery at the best of times).  I will admit that I have been a bit lax and haven’t applied it twice a day as suggested, however, I have still seen good results.  It’s also worked well on the two callouses I have on my hand from wheeling my suitcase around!

#happyfeetAt £4.99 I think the Callous Remover Cream is a bargain and when this tube runs out I will certainly be buying more.  I can see that as I start to run longer distances I will need to make sure I don’t have too many rough spots that can catch or be converted to mega sores or blisters!


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