Training Log: 25-5-16

A run free day on the plan today, so an opportunity to focus on more yoga. As I have dinner with friends planned then there’s no opportunity to get to the gym to do any weights but with Yogaia I can at least squeeze yoga practice in before work and at lunch.

I did two 30 minute sessions before work focusing on neck & shoulders and then hip opening.  As you can see from my Instagram I am not a fan of hip opening but it is definitely a necessary evil!

From Instagram

The first of two @yogaiaofficial sessions so far this morning was focused on stretching out my neck and shoulders….much needed given I spend so much time on my laptop! from Instagram:

I have very tight hips, even as a gymnast I struggled with doing the box splits, and running seems to increase the tightness so this @yogaiaofficial hip opening class wasn’t exactly fun! I am not convinced that there is any pose which could be termed “a lovely hip opener”! Especially pigeon pose! from Instagram:
Yogaia: Yin YogaSession 3 of the day was a simple 45 minute Yin yoga session, plenty of long pose holds, I even managed 2 minutes of pigeon on each leg.  A lovely way to spend my lunch break.
Overall a fairly relaxed day, I may fit in a walk later whilst on my way to dinner, but it’s been nice to balance yesterday’s hard effort, assessment run with an easier training focus.

Yogaia: Class Summaries

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