Review: Sugar Skull Leggings from Accessory Insanity

Sugar Skulls from Accessory InsanityI was recently lucky enough to receive a pair of the awesomest leggings for review!  All views are, of course my own!

As you know I love running and do quite a bit of yoga as well.  I am massively fussy when it comes to kit, and so I have given these a good test over the last couple of weeks.

The leggings were sent to me by Canada based company Accessory Insanity, but don’t panic, they do ship internationally…it’s important to get that bit out of the way up front.  I love bright colours and fancy prints, so I went for their Sugar Skull design….isn’t it gorgeous?!  I love the mix of flowers and skulls, they are slightly more muted in tone than some of my purchases, but the overall pattern more than makes up for it I think.

Let’s face it though, prettiness is all very well, but are they functional?  Yes!  I am seriously fussy about my yoga leggings, if they don’t fit right they can be restrictive, that makes me grumpy and it is really hard to be mindful when you are grumpy.  I wore these for a number of yoga classes, including a hip opening class, and they were great.  I normally find hip-openers get a bit blocked, but I didn’t struggle in these at all.  Being made from Spandex they have a good amount of stretch in them, but they also have a good tight fit.  They don’t shift around and they stay high at the waist when doing downward dog….something that always frustrates me is leggings shifting so they don’t maintain decent coverage.  That’s all very well in home yoga classes, but not so much if you are in an open class.  No one needs to see my ass mid-yoga pose!
Downward facing sugar skulls
So they wear well, move with your poses and don’t seem to get stuck when you are doing hip openers…all good points.  What next?  Well they wash well too…yes, the label says hand wash, but I am lazy, only hand wash if I am trapped in a hotel with no other options and live by the seat of my sugar skull pants.  So they’ve been machine washed, on multiple occasions, and I am pleased to confirm they have survived with no issues.  Now I am not suggesting that you break the rules, but if you are a fling it in the machine girl then feel free to take your chances!

Sugar Skulls from Accessory InsanityWhat about other sports?  They don’t have a tie waist, but as they don’t have pockets either, you could definitely wear them to the gym or running.  They’re also funky enough that you could just wear them out as leisure wear too.  I’m afraid I didn’t test them for running as I just over-heat too quickly…the one run I have done this winter in long leggings I cooked and nearly had to stop running early I was cooking so much.  If I wasn’t such a sweaty mess I would definitely run in them though.

What more could you want?  These are good quality leggings, priced at just £21.35!  They have a range of other styles as well, so you should definitely check them out.  Whilst you are on their site you should check out their other accessories.  They have some great wallets that I have my eye on, some gorgeous jewellery and basically a whole site of shiny things!

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