Forging the path is never easy

It’s not easy being self employed, and it’s even harder being part of a bootstrap funded start-up. What with the hours you put in to the business, the stresses you face when team members can’t cope with the stresses and decide start-up world isn’t for them hence leaving you to it and the pressures to keep the business cash positive while you’re waiting for sales to really take off could all take a serious toll if you let them. I’m trying hard not to let the glass half emptiers win the battle for my sanity though. Hugh MacLeod’s gapingvoid cartoons help me a great deal though and I highly recommend signing up to his daily newsletter.  This cartoon “An Easy Life” is probably my current favourite at the moment and I’ll probably buy a copy when I have a few spare pennies.

As ever work is pushing my snowboarding to the back-burner, so it’s a good job I love the work I do and truly believe in the ideas behind Synuron. Having worked on the project for almost 18 months before it got canned it’s great that those of us with nerves of steel and the guts for hard work are pulling together and pooling our resources to try and make a success of it.

So while a lot of the people I know are looking forward to a summer of glacial snowboarding and weeks sunning themselves, I’ll be splitting my time between work, more work and as many snowboarding competitions as I can get to. Hopefully I’ll reap the rewards as the business takes off but in the meantime I’ll be working on technology implementations, demos and account management while I try to help organisations in health & social care improve their HR and recruitment processes, in turn helping them save money, improve patient care and focus on what they need to to get their jobs done without unnecessary distractions and administration. So if I’m a bit quiet on the blog front I apologise, but don’t sit back feeling neglected, leave me a comment and nudge me into action.

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  1. DrSnowboard

    Sounds like a good place to be – knowing enough about your company and caring enough to push through the obstacles. I often think most people are only limited by their own self-doubt. Explains why sociopaths are so successful….

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