Using Unicorns to Help You Meal Plan

I’m trying to be a bit more prepared on the food front.  It can be tough working from home, not only because it’s easy to eat all the treaty stuff hidden away in my race-day food boxes, but because I can find myself skipping meals when I am on back to back conference calls.

It’s all fine on days when the Boyf is at home, food magically appears in front of me mid-call.  It’s less great when I have to fend for myself as I need to plan ahead more and if I have no gaps in my calls then I can end up grabbing a bar of chocolate instead.

I’ve made 2 changes since coming back to work after Christmas and I am hoping they’ll help me to stay focused on healthy eating and also ensure I get a decent lunch.

Sunday food prep done! 24 steamer bags of veg prepped. I really struggle to eat enough veg, and often don't have much time to get my lunch sorted in between conference calls. Now I have mixed veg with butter ready to go in steamer bags so I can ding themOne of the things I am really bad at is eating enough vegetables.  It’s fine in the evening when I have time to prep them but at lunch I don’t normally bother.  To up my veg count I prepped a bunch (around 40) bags of veg in ready to go steamer bags.  Now at lunchtime I can just grab a bag of buttered veg, ding it in the microwave for a few minutes and away I go! Simple and quick enough that I can get it done between calls if I need to.

I’m also trying to save money and avoid waste, so the Boyf and I are planning out our meals and then when I do the Sunday shop I get most of the stuff we need for the week.  Less visits to the supermarket means we are spending less, and it also means there are no stressful discussions over what to have for dinner.

In order to keep things nicely organised, and to help me build my shopping list I designed a little Unicorn meal planner for my digital Bullet Journal (you can download a Free Unicorn Meal Planner here).  Now each week I can use this to write up what I plan to eat each day, and then any additional notes of special things I need to add to my shopping list.

Here’s the plan for this week…..

Unicorn Meal Plan - 16 January

As you can see I have only planned out Monday to Friday.  This works well for me as weekend meals will vary more depending on what training I have planned or if we are out and about.  For me though the main focus is ensuring I am eating well Monday to Friday.

Do you meal plan?  How do you find it helps you?

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