Sunday Summary: Another day, another year older

It’s been a good week on the training front, one HIIT session , 3 strength sessions and four days of runs (I combined Friday’s session with Saturday’s so that I could run to parkrun and back again)!  With less than two weeks to the South Downs Way 50 miler, I am pleased to report that all feels good and I seem to be in good shape.

image shows summary of workouts for the week

Image shows 13 days to SDW50I took my measurements this weekend and have lost 6 inches (mostly in the stomach and bum zone) since I refocused on the FASTer Way To Fat Loss* workouts in late December.  I am hoping that now we’re moving into Spring any excess hibernation chub from Winter will start so vanish, as the leaner I am for North Downs Way 50 in May the better.  Given my tendency to overheat the less excess fat around my core the better as it should mean I stay a little cooler.

I also turned 43 this week, I am pleased to say (that in my mind anyway), I neither look it or feel it.  I see too many people having a total freak out and meltdown at turning 30, let alone 40, so I am pleased to report that I am setting up nicely for a solid year of long runs.  Until they’re done I can’t be sure they’ll be successful, and more than a couple are outside of my comfort zone, but I will certainly be giving them all my best shot.

The magic TrainAsONE plan has me easing into taper this week, so my runs are fairly short, but with a couple of good speeds sessions in place to keep my legs ticking over nicely.  I’ll also be keeping my FASTer Way sessions going as well, although I will be swapping Amanda’s sprints on Tuesday for my Threshold run.  That’ll de-carb me just as well.

image shows my TrainAsOne plan for the week

At least after this weekend’s doughnut haul I will be fully prepped for my two low carbs days!  If you haven’t tried Crosstown Doughnuts then you should… they are really tasty.  They are also, very non-sickly!  As someone who struggles with nausea after a single Krispy Kreme I am pleased that I managed 50% of the doughnuts (we had to split them 50:50 to each get a taste of every doughnut) without feeling sick at all!  I call that a Birthday win!

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What have you got planned this week?

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