pause for parkrun

I didn’t race at the weekend, I did fit in a parkrun at Wimpole Estate though (it’s a run not a race). The Boyf & I were all signed up for Beachy Head marathon on Saturday, but in the end we decided it was better for us not to run it. He’s had the lurgy for the last few weeks and as part of that has been struggling with sinus induced headaches. I’ve just been feeling really tired. I think a combination of two marathons in two days and some really hectic weeks at work have left me feeling a bit drained, and in all honesty my heart just wasn’t in it. It’s really important for me to enjoy my running and not feel like it’s a chore, so mid-afternoon on Friday we decided to skip it and have a lazy weekend instead.It was both well earned and well worth it and I am already feeling more relaxed and reinvigorated. 

On the positive front I have a few more days off from running this week as I am in Basel for a few days. I have decided to leave my kit at home, focus on the final few weeks before our next go live (and the chaos this stage of a project inevitably brings) and then run 3 times over the weekend. Well you need to balance rest and activity.

The plan is to visit Great Lines parkrun on Saturday, then we have the Black Ranscombe challenge in the afternoon/evening and the Hugin challenge on Sunday when we will be catching up with some parkrun pals as we run round Pegwell Bay. Teresa, James & Nicola have all enjoyed an SVN event (they were at the Spring Cakeathon), but for Vanessa this will be her first. Given she has an upcoming operation on her foot the challenge style of the event will make it perfect as she can do as many laps as she feels like without being under pressure to complete a set distance….basically a “parkrun” will see her in possession of a huge medal and bag filled with goodies. Teresa could well be in a similar situation as she’s recovering from a badly sprained ankle so I am sure we’ll be making sure she doesn’t over do things….the frustrating thing with injuries is wanting to run when your body just won’t have it. It’s tempting to push a bit too hard but then you have the risk of delaying recovery. A tough call, but hopefully made easier by being in the presence of friendly faces and cake. I have a feeling James will be aiming for an ultra and Nicola says she’s going to try and run for the 6 hours if she can. I can’t wait to see how we all get on.

To balance the non-running I am going to try and squeeze some yoga into my day, of course that all depends on how much floor space I have in the hotel…..this week it’s a “small room – no window” so it could be a tight fit. At the very least I shall just have to practice reclined goddess & corpse pose on the bed. Here’s to a relatively stress-free week at work and a fun weekend of running.

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