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I’ve been tagged by @InsdeLaurasHead in an 11 Things Tag, here’s what she asked me.  You can read her post here.

1) How long have you been blogging?

Nearly 10 years! I first posted on 11th July 2005 on my old Blogger blog.  You can read it in my archives here

2) What is your favourite ever post?

I live very much in the moment and so didn’t initially have a post that jumped to the front of my mind, but I quite like this one.

I think it led to me trying to get involved in snowboard as a rider rep but I soon discovered that the majority of people just like to bitch and moan rather than try and push for change. In the end it wasn’t worth trying to help people that didn’t want to help themselves and time moved on.

3) Name three products you can’t live without.

Trainers, duvet, bed

4) Who is your favourite person in the whole world?

The Boyf

5) Why?

He loves me for who I am and (mostly) puts up with my messiness and crazy schemes (anyone want to run 100 miles with us next July?)

6) Do you have any pets?

No, but we’d love to have a cat

7) What do you love about yourself?

I love that fact that as I have grown older I have grown in confidence.  I am happier with how I look, I am happier with my body and I love the fact that I have discovered that I can run, that I am not terrible at it and that I enjoy it.

8) What one piece of advice would you give to a new blogger?

Be honest, write about stuff you care about, if people like it they’ll read your posts but don’t worry if they don’t.  Blogging should be about you not about you forcing to write posts just to gain followers

9) Would your 15 year old self like the person you’ve become?

Most definitely, I’m awesome!

10) If you won the lottery -what’s the first thing you’d buy?

A house, somewhere with space for pets and good running trails near by.

11) What’s your best ever bargain?

I honestly can’t think of any standout bargains, so I suppose that none of them qualify as best ever!  I do love Sports Pursuit though as I manage to pick-up a lot of sports related bargains through them (affiliate sign-up link) and Quidco which gives me cash back on a lot of purchases I make (affiliate sign-up link – if you sign-up we both get £5)

So now it is over to some of the lovely members of the UK Fitness Bloggers network……go and follow them on Twitter and read their blogs.








Here are your questions!

1) Why did you start blogging?

2) How do you read other blogs? e.g. online, RSS reader?

3) What is your favourite website?

4) If you could do any sport what would it be?

5) What is your most used item of technology?

6) How do you manage to juggle day to day life and blogging?

7) What is your day job?

8) Is it what you set out to do when you left school?

9) What is one thing you have achieved that you didn’t think you could?

10) Carbs, good or bad?

11) What do you want to achieve this week?

I look forward too reading your posts soon.



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